Mail-In Repairs

Are you to busy or live to far away from all repair shops? Well you are in luck here at GTS we offer mail in smart phone and tablet repairs. This is for all devices including iPhones, iPads, Samsung, LG’s, Nokia, Motorola, and many more.

All you need to do is fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and then ship your device to us at the address below.

GTS Repair

4734 Parnell Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Follow the instructions and you are on your way to having your device fixed and shipped right back to your front door.

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Repair Agreement: I authorize Goldy Technology Specialists INC to perform repair work on my electronic device. I understand that Goldy Technology Specialists INC is it’s own separate entity, and is not directly affiliated with any of the manufacturers in which Goldy Technology Specialists INC offers repair services on. Further, I agree to release, indemnify, and hold Goldy Technology Specialists INC from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any repair work performed on my device, unless it is caused by the careless handling of Goldy Technology Specialists INC . I understand that repairs or technical support rendered by Goldy Technology Specialists INC may void manufacturer warranties. Goldy Technology Specialists INC and its affiliates do not assume any liability or warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided but may, at its sole discretion, offer its own warranty on the parts and/or services performed. If any device should be lost or damaged further than the condition it was released to Goldy Technology Specialists INC in Goldy Technology Specialists INC liability will be limited to the cost of repair or replacement with a similar device of the affected product. Goldy Technology Specialists INC liability for damages from any cause when it comes to repairing your product Goldy Technology Specialists INC is limited to the cost of the repair service or a comparable replacement.Goldy Technology Specialists INC have no liability whatsoever for indirect or consequential damages resulting from a repair or repair attempt, including any lost or damaged data, software, or lost profits or revenue of the customer.